Princess Claudia
Shine, you’re a star --Princess Claudia


Princess Claudia

Princess Claudia, known simply as Princess to her friends, is a talented artist who has won multiple awards for her work.

Second to none in fashion

Princess Claudia is known for her ground- breaking and trend-setting fashion and styles.  But she’s not just about fashion.  She also puts her artistic talent to good use.

Second to none in artistic talent

Princess Claudia stages live shows that exhibit her artistic creativity in all areas, including music and visual performance.
Princess Claudia’s shows are routinely sold out, so be sure to get your tickets early.

Second to none in generosity

Princess Claudia has started her own charitable foundation to help the less fortunate in all aspects of life, including the world of fashion.

There is only one Princess Claudia

Many people aspire to be Princess Claudia, but there can only be one Princess Claudia.  She knows being Princess Claudia is hard, and that it takes a lot of raw talent, sheer energy, and relentless discipline to accomplish everything that she has accomplished so far. Princess Claudia thanks her fans around the world for recognizing her for everything that she has accomplished so far.