Princess Claudia
Shine, you’re a star --Princess Claudia


Princess Claudia hasn’t released any albums yet, because she believes that music is about experimentation, expression, and experience. Highlights of her most popular and upcoming musical works are listed below.


This ground-breaking song is a collaboration with Astrosub, who wrote the music. Princess Claudia wrote the only word of the song: “Boom!”


Princess Claudia’s first collaboration with Astrosub features a unique blend of musical styles and techniques. Princess Claudia’s expressive vocal range is beautifully showcased in this piece.

The Emptiness

This highly-anticipated work represents a year’s worth of pain-staking thought and composition. It is expected to be performed during her totally new show in next year’s tour.

Lovely Love

One of Princess Claudia’s timeless pieces, this song focuses on lovely love.


Princess Claudia wrote this song to inspire everyone in the community to be as beautiful as Princess Claudia. “While many want to be like me, they cannot, and I understand that.  But at least they can try,” said Princess Claudia.

Fate & Fortune

This song is about the fate and fortune of humanity, as well as each person’s struggles and blessings.  As the song goes, “It all ends with success or defeat.”